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Airline and Tourism Management

Diploma in Airline and Tourism Management :

        A Diploma in Airline and Tourism Management opens a range of opportunities within the dynamic and fast-paced aviation and tourism industries. Boston College one of the best colleges for diploma in airline and tourism gives a clear picture of the course with practical knowledge and skills relevant to the unique demands of managing operations in airlines and tourism businesses with adventure travel environment study. Here is an overview of the scope and potential career paths for individuals with a Diploma in Airline and Tourism Management :

1. Airline Operations : Graduates of this diploma program can find opportunities in airline operations, working in areas such as ground services, customer service, flight scheduling, and reservations. They may be involved in ensuring the smooth functioning of daily operations and providing excellent service to passengers.

2. Travel Agencies and Tour Operations : Diploma holders can pursue careers in travel agencies and tour operations. They may work in roles related to itinerary planning, travel package development, customer service, and sales. This includes assisting clients with travel arrangements and ensuring a seamless travel experience.

3. Airport Management : Individuals with a Diploma in Airline and Tourism Management can explore roles in airport management. This may involve working in airport services, security, logistics, and overall management to ensure efficient airport operations and a positive experience for travelers.

4. Tourism Development and Promotion : Graduates may find opportunities in tourism development and promotion, working with tourism boards, destination marketing organizations, or government agencies. They can contribute to promoting destinations, organizing events, and developing strategies to attract tourists.

5. Hospitality Industry : The diploma program provides a foundation for roles in the hospitality industry, especially those related to accommodating and serving tourists. Opportunities may include hotel management, resort operations, and guest services.

6. Travel Technology and E-commerce : With the increasing reliance on technology in the travel industry, diploma holders can explore roles in travel technology companies and e-commerce platforms. They may be involved in developing and managing online booking systems, travel apps, and other technology-driven solutions.

7. Event Management : Individuals with a focus on tourism management within their diploma can pursue careers in event management. This may involve organizing and coordinating events, conferences, and exhibitions to promote tourism and attract visitors.

8. Cruise Industry : The cruise industry is a growing sector in tourism. Diploma holders can find opportunities in cruise management, including roles in guest services, onboard operations, and cruise itinerary planning.

9. Entrepreneurship : Some diploma graduates may choose to start their own travel agency, tour company, or related business. Entrepreneurship in the travel and tourism industry allows individuals to showcase creativity and innovation.

10. Further Education : A diploma can serve as a stepping stone for further education. Graduates may choose to pursue a higher degree, such as a bachelor’s or master’s in tourism management or a related field, to enhance their knowledge and career prospects.

The travel and tourism industry is diverse, and individuals with a Diploma in Airline and Tourism Management have the flexibility to explore various career paths based on their interests and strengths within this expansive sector.

 Highlights of the Course:

Here is the overview of the course Diploma in Airline and Tourism management course details.

Course Level  Diploma
Full Form  Diploma in Airline and Tourism Management
Duration  1 Year
Eligibility  10th, +2, any course from a recognized board
Average Salary  INR 3 LPA – 8 LPA
Top Recruiters  Jet Airways
Sheraton Hotels
Air India
Taj Group of Hotels
IndiGo Airways
Qatar Airways
Essar shipping
British Airways
Travel blogger
Travel Agency
 Diploma in Airline and Tourism Management Salary :

The table below lists after completing the Diploma in Aviation and Tourism management salary and also the salary offered.

Job Average Salary Per Annum
 Product Manager  INR 14,60,000
 Cabin Crew  INR 7,99,000
 Aircraft Dispatcher  INR 5,00,000
Chief Technology Officer INR 24,57,000
 Airline Executive  INR 3,00,000
 Executive Assistant  INR 5,13,000
Scholarship and Loan :

        The first two enrolled students after completing 10th /+2 with Boston College from Government or Government aided schools who have secured 80% of marks will be awarded with a special scholarship scheme in recognition of their outstanding achievements.

        Boston college supports students educational loan for those who have achieved 65% to 70% of marks obtained in 10th/+2 and also encourages students to have a fees payment scheme of half yearly and quarterly.

        These schemes are in operation and the main objective of these schemes is to help and support students with their financial assistance to the meritorious and all levels of students who meet their day-to-day expenses while pursuing their studies.


1. What is diploma in airline and tourism management ?

The Airline and tourism Diploma program covers all the topics related to airport management and analysis and study of the tourism industry. Candidates who successfully completing this course will jobs like ground staff training, air ticketing, cargo management, airport managers and customer service professionals etc with history, fundamentals, aviation management, business statistics, and business regulatory framework of tourism.

2. What are some of the employment areas after Diploma in Aviation Hospitality and Travel Management ?

Some of the employment areas after pursuing a Diploma in Aviation Hospitality and Travel Management are Tourism Companies, Aviation Industry, Travel Agencies, Educational Institutes, Airlines Companies and airports.

3. What is the scope of choosing a Diploma in Aviation Hospitality and Travel Management ?

Currently Indian Aviation is the 3rd largest Aviation Market in the world operating 75 Airports around corners. After the initiative of the Civil Aviation Ministry UDAN scheme. More than 480 Airports had got approval to connect under subsidy, which will raise the manpower requirement tremendously and hence, increases scope for this career.

4. Which is the best career choice after pursuing a Diploma in Aviation Hospitality and Travel Management ?

After completing a Diploma in Aviation Hospitality and Travel Management, one could explore sectors such as ground staff, cabin crew etc. While there is a wide range of options to choose from on-ground or off-ground jobs, an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer or a pilot or a product manager could be the best options to choose from as a career. These jobs not only pay well but also have a decent amount of pay.

5. What is the main objective of this course ?

The main objective of this course is to gain knowledge in the air ticketing, documentation and producing proper professional personnel who can join any airport Office/Reception/Front desk job.

6. What are the top career options associated with Diploma in aviation and tourism course ?

The career options associated with this field are mentioned below :
• Tour Operator
• Airline Ticketing Staff/ Ground Staff
• Travel Agent


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