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Do you know why so many young people today are interested in the aviation industry?

The current rise in the Aviation and Hospitality industries has produced an extraordinary demand for Aviation expertise. Aspiring students are more aware of the importance of learning the skills required for a job in this profession.

Many people want to work in aviation because the courses are shorter, there are more job opportunities, it offers financial stability, and the lifestyle benefits are great for people who enjoy traveling.

It is an excellent moment to enter this field, and Boston College can provide you with the necessary training with the B.Sc. in Aviation program.

Why Choose Boston Aviation College in Tamil Nadu? 

Professional Professors: Our professors have years of expertise in Aviation courses in Tamil Nadu and can share their insights with you. Their mission is to provide students with cutting-edge knowledge and practical skills. To this end, we provide students with real-world opportunities to work with cutting-edge tools.

  • Links to Industry: Boston Aviation College in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, has deep ties to aviation courses and power brokers. Students can gain experience in the field through internships and work-study programs.
  • Comprehensive Education: Our Bachelor of Science in Aviation degree in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, offers a complete education in the field. It covers topics such as aircraft systems, navigation, and aviation safety. Aircraft, particularly those that are heavier than air. Because the employment opportunities in aviation are many, pupils can imagine themselves as Pilots, Controllers, Managers, or Mechanics. Graduates have a firm grasp of both theoretical concepts and practical abilities.
  • Guidance for careers: To help students make a smooth transition from college to the workforce, we provide career counseling and placement services. Use our alumni and business partners to advance your career.
  • Integrated Development: We place equal value on developing hard and soft abilities, such as teamwork and leadership, as we do on mastering aviation. Our mission is to train the best college for pilots in India who are whole people.

Eligibility Criteria
Students who have completed a 3-year course after passing the 12th standard with good grades from a recognized board can join the B.Sc. in Aviation.

Qualification: +2pass/Polytechnic

Course Duration : 3 years

Possibilities for Employment

Our Bachelor of Science program equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to enter the aviation industry at an entry-level position. This comprehensive program covers various areas such as security, cargo handling, pilot instruction, flight operations, dispatching, data analysis, and load and trim.

Our three-year undergraduate program covers a wide range of subjects related to aviation. These include air regulation, aviation weather, meteorology, navigation, airport security and safety, and flight operations for airplanes, gliders, and helicopters.

The Advantages of Enrolling in Boston College’s B.Sc. Program
Our program allows students to:

  • Enhance their communication abilities
  • To help them build their whole personality.
  • Receive instruction in classrooms that look and feel like real airplanes.
  • Gain practical airport training experience.
  • Learn from faculty members who have direct airline experience.
Career Opportunities:
  • Cabin Crew – Air Hostess
  • Flight Steward
  • Reservation Ticketing/ Reservation Counter
  • Baggage Screening
  • Surveillance Staff
  • Check-in Counter staff
  • BMA (Baggage Makeup Area) Staff
  • Boarding Staff
  • Arrival hall staff
  • Ramp staff
  • Load & Trim officer
  • Passenger & Flight safety officer
  • Customer Service Executive

Our Main Focus

Our students are distinguished by the extensive exposure they receive to the following.

Internship Opportunities at Airports

At our institution, we offer practical training and experiential learning opportunities to students through their participation in many events held at airports. This achievement has been made feasible due to Boston’s strategic partnerships with prominent airports and airline firms, both domestically and internationally.

Flight Operations

Several factors influence the administration and operations of international and regional carriers. We educate students on the difficulties associated with financing airline operations and emphasize the marketing strategies employed by airline companies. In addition, students investigate the interdependence of airlines, aircraft manufacturers, and airport authorities.

Airport Administration

This module presents the primary operational procedures for managing air cargo and passenger throughput in airport terminals. Here, we also investigate how physical characteristics impose limitations on aircrafts, airlines, passengers in terminal structures, and air cargo companies. Students will be introduced to the design and administration of these facilities during the course.

Our Aviation Policy

This course aims to teach students about strategic planning and management theories and practices. It focuses on applying business strategy principles to the Aviation industry, taking into account the current situation.


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