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Diploma in Cabin Crew Management :

        The Cabin Crew Management is broad and encompasses various aspects related to the efficient and safe operation of an airline. Cabin crew, also known as flight attendants, play a crucial role in ensuring the well-being and comfort of passengers during air travel. Boston College supports students with clear information on Cabin crew course duration and fees in affordable range also, to provide the entire knowledge on both practical and theoretical skills in Cabin Crew and Hospitality Management. Here are some key aspects of the scope of cabin crew management :

Safety and Emergency Procedures : Cabin crew members graduated from best air hostess institution are responsible for ensuring that passengers comply with safety regulations and procedures.

The students from air hostess training academy undergo rigorous training in emergency evacuation procedures, first aid, and dealing with various in-flight emergencies.

Customer Service : Cabin crew members are the training for air hostess who are the frontline representatives of the airline and provide high-quality customer service to passengers.

The cabin crew class is designed to assist passengers with boarding, seating, and any in-flight needs, ensuring a positive customer experience.

Cabin Management : Cabin crew management involves overseeing the overall functioning of the aircraft cabin, including the cleanliness, organization, and availability of necessary supplies.

Communication and Coordination : Effective communication and coordination among cabin crew members are essential for the smooth operation of flights.

Cabin managers or lead flight attendants play a crucial role in coordinating activities and disseminating information to the crew.

Security : Cabin crew members are trained to handle security-related issues and to be vigilant for any potential threats on board. They work closely with the flight deck crew and ground staff to ensure the security of passengers and the aircraft. Students have to choose courses to become a flight attendant that also includes air hostess training for international flights.

Regulatory Compliance : Cabin crew management involves ensuring compliance with aviation regulations and industry standards. Managers may be responsible for keeping the crew updated on any changes in regulations and ensuring that all procedures are in line with safety standards.

Crew Scheduling and Rostering : Cabin crew management also involves the scheduling and rostering of flight attendants, considering factors such as legal rest requirements, individual preferences, and operational needs.

Training and Development : Ongoing cabin attendant training and development programs who consider few airhostess academy near me can take into account and are crucial for cabin crew to stay current with safety procedures, customer service standards, and any changes in the industry.Cabin crew managers may be involved in planning and implementing training initiatives.

Crisis Management : Cabin crew management from flying attendant schools includes preparing for and managing crisis situations, such as medical emergencies, unruly passengers, or other unforeseen events.

Cultural Sensitivity : Cabin crew often deals with a diverse range of passengers, so cultural sensitivity and effective communication is important skill for managing interactions.

The scope of cabin crew management is dynamic and requires a combination of technical knowledge, interpersonal skills, and adaptability to ensure the safety and satisfaction of passengers while adhering to industry standards and regulations. Join Boston College to apply for cabin crew training course and get placed as flight stewardess/ airline attendant which is considered to be the best course for flight attendant.

 Highlights of the Diploma in Cabin Crew Management Course :

Here is the overview of the course Diploma in Cabin Crew Management course details.

 Course Level  Diploma
 Full Form  Diploma in Cabin Crew Management
 Duration  1 Year
 Eligibility  10th, +2, any course from a recognized board
 Average Salary  INR 7 LPA – 10 LPA
 Top Recruiters  Indian Airlines
 Go Air
 Air India
 Delta Airlines
 Jet Airways
 Gulf Air
 British Airways
 Singapore Airlines
 United Air
 Diploma in Cabin Crew / Fight Attendant Salary :

The table below lists after completing the Diploma in Cabin Crew management salary and also the salary offered.

Specializations Average Salary Per Annum
 Air Hostess  INR 7 lacs – 12 lacs
 Flight Medic  INR 8 lacs – 12 lacs
 Co-Pilot  INR 12 lacs – 20 lacs
 Pilot  INR 15 lacs – 30 lacs
Scholarship and Loan :

        The first two enrolled students after completing 10th /+2 with Boston College from Government or Government aided schools who have secured 80% of marks will be awarded with a special scholarship scheme in recognition of their outstanding achievements.

        Boston college supports students educational loan for those who have achieved 65% to 70% of marks obtained in 10th/+2 and also encourages students to have a fees payment scheme of half yearly and quarterly.

        These schemes are in operation and the main objective of these schemes is to help and support students with their financial assistance to the meritorious and all levels of students who meet their day-to-day expenses while pursuing their studies.


1. What qualification for a air hostess does one need ?

To be hired as a cabin crew/ air hostess, one must be at least 17 years aged alongside fulfilling the regulation criteria the candidates are usually hired as cabin crew once they complete 10+2 level of education.

2. What does the cabin crew / air hostess do ?

Cabin crew or air steward/ stewardess are liable for ensuring the security and luxury of passengers flying with an airline. The Everyday duties of cabin crew members include greeting passengers, showing them to their seats, informing of air safety procedures, helping passengers who have special needs and greeting passengers as they de-plane.

3. What's the difference between a cabin crew and air hostess ?

There’s no difference between both the work profiles. They are simply two different words wont to define an equivalent job profile. An air hostess or cabin crew is tasked with taking care of passengers on an aircraft.

4. Is graduation necessary for cabin crew ?

The minimum educational requirement to be hired as cabin crew is completing 10+2 level education in any stream.

5. Do airlines hire married cabin crew ?

Most airlines don’t have any written rule regarding legal status . However, some airlines have clauses wherein only unmarried candidates with ‘no children’ are eligible to use for a cabin crew post.

6. Does cabin crew have exams ?

To ensure that cabin crew members are well-prepared for their responsibilities, training programs typically include a series of assessments and a final examination.


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