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Our Vision :

To be globally renowned institution that instills discipline, entrepreneurial to fosters, entrepreneurial spirit and empowers all individual from inadequacy condition to thrive in an ever changing world.

Our Mission :

Our mission is to provide a service oriented educational experience and aims to nurture innovative leaders who can navigate the complexities of our interconnected world to the betterment of society globally.


        Welcome to Boston College, where dreams take flight and hospitality knows no bounds. Our college is a dynamic hub for aspiring Professionals seeking to soar and a premier Institution at the heart of excellence in Madurai with a strong emphasis on courses like Psychology, Aviation, Airline and Airport Management, Hotel management, Human Care with a commitment to excellence, innovation and real-world experience. Our College till now stands as a testament to the fusion of specialized courses in Tamilnadu.

        Boston College broke its ground by providing many courses as, we train students to fulfill the global requirements. Our College provides In campus Internship and Out campus Internship on job training and 100% placements at reputed International / National airports and hotels. Boston College pays attention of Educating, Recruiting and Training student to shape their future.

        Our College focuses its attention not only academically by supporting them with extra classes and regular parent teachers meet, Industrial visits, Educational tours and valuable Field trip visit, attend Intercollege competitions and students cultural meets but, also encourage students interests and involvement towards Co-Curricular activities like grooming classes, physical exercises, Yoga, Personality development, Conferences, Seminars and Extra Curricular activities like Craft classes, Dance and so on.

        Our college emphasizes cultural exchange and creates a supportive environment from diverse backgrounds that showcase the cultural richness with positive impact on wellbeing. We strictly prohibit the act of physical or mental abuse including color, race, religion, caste, gender, appearance, nationality or economic background and involves full safety of students in hostel setting for both boys and girls by following the safeguarding policy of Prevent, Protect and Support. Boston will guide you to follow your passion and pave way for your success.

Education Services

Boston College always focuses on student’s career by engulfing the art of hospitality in aviation, hotel & hospitality industries.

International Hubs

We have collaboration venture with abroad organizations for internship and job offers. Our aviation and Hotel management students will be well trained and sent to International Training.

Degree and Diploma

Boston College proclaims numerous career opportunities by offering Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Diploma programs to sculpt student’s career.

University Life

The infrastructure of Boston enhances a peaceful study and promotes aesthetic wellness. We construct a lifetime experience for students and faculty.

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Skill Development
Placement & Training


Boston College in Madurai nurtures every student by benefiting them with education, training and recruitment’s. The tremendous opportunities in Hospitality and travel industry made us to take up Management courses in Aviation and Hospitality. The Boston College gives individual attention to students to sculpt their career and make them win their lifetime passion.  We support guide and train students to attain the keenly observed career opportunities. Boston College bestows Intellectual competence and skill based learning. Hence, every student will be able to succeed in this competitive world. We stand as No.1 College for Hospitality courses in Tamil Nadu.

Skill Development

Boston College caters more opportunities for students to enhance their skills by exposing a wide range of arena for recent trends. Our curriculum implements are based on practical methods. We provide skill based programs and internship training hinged on employment. Boston’s Hospitality training in Madurai makes students to undergo lot of other certified programs which will add to their value. Our faculty helps every student to get well equipped and very well trained based on interpersonal skills.

Placement & Training

Boston College in Tamil Nadu has collaborative ventures with various International and National industries and firms to derive job opportunities, research and development and internship training’s. Skill development programs organized at Boston Institute of Management ensures placements at excellent industries. Most of our students hold good positions at reputed concerns all over the world.

One of the best Aviation courses in Tamil Nadu. We endow huge openings for skill based learning and equip students individually. We guide them to attain their aviation dreams.
A master’s degree in psychology offered by Alagappa University, focuses on the science and research of the brain, behavior, and psychological processes.
One of the best Hotel Management courses in Tamil Nadu. Our aim is to make students excel in their interpersonal skills and make them hospitable. Students are assured with 100% of placement.

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