Role of a Station Manager


Role of a Station Manager



A Station Manager is the person placed in the Organizational structure of a large station. A Station Manager is at the helm of affairs of the station he is heading and is responsible for its effective and successful functioning.


Role of a Station Manager

A Station Manager is responsible for the entire ground handling operation of his station.     

His role includes

  • Flight operations
  • Ground operations
  • Coordinating with flight crew, baggage and ground handlers
  • Communicating relevant information to all teams
  • Ensuring that cargo is loaded on to the aircraft properly
  • Ensuring that the aircraft is safe for passenger flight operation


A Station Manager also takes responsibilities such as:

  • Selling tickets and checking baggage at the station level
  • Ensuring safe, efficient and courteous Management of the station
  • Ensuring efficient team work and the ability to handle pressure
  • Accepting accountability for fiscal and operational oversight, leadership and direction.

Implementation of Policies and Procedures

          A Station Manager is responsible for implementing and complying with the airline’s procedures and policies. A station manager also needs to ensure that all laid down regulatory guidelines for operation, administration customer service, marketing, and sales are complied with.

Management of System

          Keeping up with changing time and technology, the station manager is required to maintain a system management application. This application must include basic data maintenance, flight information and application maintenance. The station manager must also be well versed with market operations, to be able to manage customer management of shippers, cargo agents and warehousing management.

Export and Import Business Management

          A Station Manager must be well versed with export and import business management. He must have adequate knowledge about the following:

  • Cargo collection management
  • Export cargo allotment
  • ULD management
  • Import management
  • Import receiving management
  • Warehousing management
  • ULD tracking management
  • Quality management
  • Statistical analysis

Skills Required in a Station Manager

          A Station Manager must have the following skills:

  • Leadership skills
  • Management skills
  • Positive attitude
  • Intelligence and thorough job knowledge
  • Common sense to handle sensitive issues
  • Assertiveness
  • Communication skills
  • Self-confidence
  • Perseverance
  • Analytical skills
  • Listening skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Decision making skills

A Station manager posted abroad needs to take special care with regard to compliance of that country’s rules and regulations. A Station Manager must be aware of the latest technologies and growth in the market.

A Station Manager must ensure that all staff members execute their duties in the expected manner and also needs to ensure that rapid and smooth communication and follow ups are performed on pending issues. A Station manager is also responsible for revenue generation at his station.


Responsibilities of a Station Manager

A Station manager’s responsibilities include the following:

  • To provide people working under him with support and leadership guidelines
  • To analyze all activities of his station and foretell data to estimate the station’s progress
  • To lay down short-term goals to resolve monetary shortfalls
  • To keep in touch with the senior management
  • To develop methods for consistent innovation and growth
  • To keep track of capital expenditures, leases and commitments
  • To keep a clean, professional, and safe work environment for the staff
  • To ensure that procedures, directives, and rules are communicated to all staff members.
  • To motivate staff and develop effective professional relations with internal and external stakeholders
  • To conduct yearly performance reviews for all staff
  • To keep abreast of new technology and market competition
  • To ensure timely and safe transportation of freight to proper destinations.
  • To ensure that there is maximum utilization of cargo space
  • To be familiar with the various aspects of air cargo transportation



  • Role of a station manager
  • Implementation of Policies and Procedures
  • Responsibilities of a Station Manager
  • Management of System
  • Export and Import Business Management
  • Skills required in a station manger