BBA Airline & Airport Management Syllabus

BBA Airline & Airport Management :
Semester 1  Management Process
 Accounting For Managers
 Computer Applications
 Value Education
Semester 2  Principles Of Airline and Airport Management
 Basic Aviation Industry
 Business Law
 Environmental Studies
Semester 3  Aviation Ancillary Service
  Airline and Airport Marketing Management
  Principles of Logistics Management
  Entrepreneurship Development
  IT Skills for Employment
Semester 4   Air Travel Management
  Airport and Air Traffic Services
 Industrial Visit Report/ Mini Project
 Principles of Tourism Management
 Small Business Management
Semester 5 Cabin Crew Management
 Air Cargo Management
 Customer Relationship Management
 Human Resources Management
 Aviation Safety Management
Semester 6  Aviation Safety and Security
 Airport Planning
 Aviation Resource Management
 Total Quality Management